Audit and assurance services

Our Assurance professionals gather information during a Hesham El Tohamy & Co INAA group . audit to understand fully our client’s business, internal controls and risk spectrum. Before making audit decisions, we conduct objective diagnostic tests and analytical reviews. Our methods help our clients meet the growing demand for enhanced disclosure and accountability. We work closely with our clients, yet independently, and encourage open communication.

 Hesham El Tohamy & Co INAA group. Audit goes beyond testing transactions and balances to providing insights that help our clients better understand their business.

 Our Assurance services include:

  • Statutory & financial statement assurance
  • Group reporting
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Pension scheme audits
  • Grant audits
  • Regulatory reporting assurance
  • Completion accounts
  • Revenue assurance
  • Share-based remuneration accounting

Internal Audit

  • Internal controls have never been higher on the boardroom agenda as the board faces growing pressure from stakeholders to mitigate risk yet drive business performance. Internal Audit plays a critical role in corporate governance frameworks by providing independent assurance that protects the business against risk, informs strategic decision making and improves overall performance. However, many boards are not getting optimum value from their internal audit function and are potentially exposing themselves to major risks.
  • Hesham El Tohamy & Co.’s internal audit specialists help boards benefit from an enhanced internal audit function that provides better value for money and increased assurance. Our key strength is that we are not only able to give clients access to our extensive experience and knowledge of best practice as leading internal audit services providers, but can also provide access to sector specialists who know your industry and its technical risk areas. 

How we can support you:

  • Bench marking internal audit performance
  • Transformation change strategies
  • Advising boards on optimum resourcing models
  • Providing co-sourcing/outsourcing services
  • Improving the quality, productivity and value of in-house services
  • Enhancing internal audit methodologies to improve audit execution
  • Advising on and supporting audit technology selection and implementation
  • Developing and delivering training plans.

 Limited Audit

  • A limited audit, as opposed to an ordinary audit, relies more on making inquiries of management and directors, applying analytical procedures and conducting detailed procedures where appropriate. 
  •  Another difference is that an auditor conducting a limited audit uses only documents and material available at the company being reviewed rather than seeking confirmation from third parties such as banks, creditors, debtors and lawyers. 

  • Neither does the law require the auditor to attend the physical inventory. And in a limited audit, the auditor is not required to make a statement on whether an internal control system is in place.
  • You will receive the findings of the limited audit in the form of a report drawing your attention to points where the requirements of the law or your articles of association are not met. If the limited audit does not reveal any discrepancies of this sort, the auditor will acknowledge this fact by issuing a negative confirmation.

The benefits for you

  • The advantage of choosing a limited audit is that it simplifies the whole process for your organization. And commissioning us to conduct a limited audit of your financial statements also gives you the benefit of an independent professional opinion. We have the experience to ensure the procedures and inquiries we conduct and the reports you receive are appropriate to the risks you face and the size and scope of your business. By choosing us to conduct a limited audit, you can be sure of fully meeting the new requirements of the law.